"Whether you're a mogul fiend or an NFL hopeful, you need quickness, and for that there's no better coach than Neal Pire"
- Outside Magazine, Feb '07

"Run Faster, Jump Higher, Hit Harder"
- Esquire, Mar '07

"Pire's clients sing his praises and return mostly because of the results."
- The Bergen Record
September 2010

"I am both exhausted and gratified at the end of each workout. I feel motivated pushing myself to the next level, one which I never thought I was capable of achieving.
You are still by far the best trainer I’ve ever had.”
- TN Trinh
Toronto, Canada
The most innovative and evidence-based programs available!
What do my's clients have to say?
"I just wanted to thank you for training me these past 3 months. I feel awesome  and am riding much faster and have much more endurance than last season. I am now in my training of riding 3 days a week and will definately be returning to you in the winter when my season ends.  I also went from 190 lbs to 175lbs. Thanks again, Gerry"
- Gerard O'Neill
Mountain Biker
Greenwood Lake, NY

“I am both exhausted and gratified at the end of each workout. I feel motivated pushing myself to the next level, one which I never thought I was capable of achieving.
You are still by far the best trainer I’ve ever had.”
- TN Trinh
New York, NY

“Wow! I am amazed at what my 'Baby Boomer' body can do! Not having exercised in years, I was a little intimidated with the idea of trying a boot camp, but I am so happy that I did and stuck with it. Inspire's Bootcamp has been my Mid-Life Makeover.”
– T Simon
Hackensack, NJ

“After training with you over the last 6 months, I am in the very best shape of my life. Thank you!”
– J Lamstein
Stunt Professional
Los Angeles, CA

“I had less than 4 months until my wedding. I needed to lose weight, and shape up for my special day. I had never been physically active. I felt so intimidated walking into a health club, that I had never tried a formal exercise program. Inspire turned my life around. It turned me into the Princess Bride that I always dreamed of. It was a lot of work, but it was fun! I lost 36 pounds and tightened-up my body where I didn't even know I needed tightening, My confidence has soared. Inspire truly changed my life."
- Lucy G, Paramus, NJ

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Who is the PUSH Coach?
The PUSH program has been developed by Certified Strength and Conditioning 33-year veteran and expert, Neal Pire. An Exercise Physiologist with a Master's Degree from Columbia University, and Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine.

Neal has extensive experience working with all types of clients; ranging from young soccer players, Olympic figure skaters, and US Swimmers, to MLB, MLS, and NFL Pros, and people just like you!

Go here to learn more and click on the link to Exercise TV’s TOP TRAINER to see what people just like you are saying about Neal’s training programs.

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I have spent over 33 years helping people just like you improve their health, fitness, and performance. My training programs are all evidence-based. That means that they are clinically-proven and designed based on the latest peer-reviewed sports medicine reasearch.

Each training program has a specific focus emphasizing a unique goal and corresponding physiological requirement. Whether you want to improve your quickness, reduce your risk of injury, or simply lower your blood pressure, I have a program for you!
- Neal Pire, MA, CSCS, FACSM
Performance Training for Female Athletes
It's Flexible!
- You choose: 2 or 3 sessions / week

It's Cutting-edge!
- Training progressions used by the Pros and Olympians

It's Convenient!
- Easy-to-get-to: right on the Glen Rock-Ridgewood border
Did you know?
- Running is a skill, and like any other skill it can be learned, improved, and mastered with specific training and practice.
- Athletic performance is primarily dependent on the athlete's ability to integrate and apply a series of graduated forces in very specific directions and sequences.
- In order to perform at her best, an athlete has to elicit neural response from her high-threshold motor units - essential to being quick, agile and explosive.

The Solution:

This 8-week Athletic Performance Enhancement Program, will:
- Enhance an athlete's Anaerobic Conditioning
- Increase the athlete's functional strength and power
- Improve the Functional Stability of the shoulders, knees, and core during sport
- Two, or three sessions-per-week available

Athletes will FEEL the difference on the court and the field.
Girls will jump higher, and cut quicker, with lower risk of injury.
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Sports Specific Training To Enhance Performance

Specific Training To Enhance Speed

What to Look for When Choosing a Personal Trainer

Training to Enhance Function and Performance

Quality vs. Quantity - Preventing Overtraining and Reducing Injury
Run faster, jump higher, and perform your best with the help of a
Nationally renowned trainer
safely and in as little as 8 weeks!
Taryn Pire
Immaculate Heart Academy
Washington Township, NJ
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Trainer Modules
Andrea Portanova
Northern Highlands H.S.
Allendale, NJ
Rebecca Williams
Varsity Volleyball
Ramapo H.S.
Franklin Lakes, NJ